Triton Robotics Spring Qtr GBM/Workshop

Triton Robotics held its quarterly workshop this past Saturday in Earl Warren Room @ PC West. During the workshop, current members from CV, Embedded Systems, Mechanical, and Hardware groups introduced to interested students on what they’ve been working on as well as what RoboMaster is all about.

CV group members talking to interested students
Engineer Chassis Group Members
Some of our current robots
CV and Embedded Systems Team Working Together
Sentry Team

Welcome to Triton Robotics

About Us

Motivation, Inspiration, and Passion!

Triton Robotics was founded in 2018 by a group of inspired engineers who wanted to participate in RoboMaster, a robotic competition held in Shenzhen, China. Triton Robotics consists of members from all engineering majors, including Mechanical, Aerospace, Computer Science, Bioengineering, Structural, etc.

RoboMaster is one of the most advanced robotic competitions in the world as it requires a team to possess a wide range of skills while also giving the participants freedom to be innovative in their own design.

Our goal for season 2018-2019 is to incorporate machine vision with our newly designed robots and enable autonomous tracking/shooting mechanism. We plan to fully upgrade our Infantry robots and rebuild our Hero and Engineer robots.

We will be again competing in Shenzhen, China over July, 2019.

Triton Robotics Won 3rd Prize in RoboMaster 2018

After two days of competition and over half a year of preparation, Triton Robotics won third prize after competing against strong opponents, University of Washington from Seattle, USA & Fukuoka Union University from Fukuoka, Japan.

MoneyUCSD vs. UW

6v6UCSD vs. FUU

team prep.jpgLast minute preparation before the competition


Captain’s Summary:

It’s been a great honor leading, working with, and getting to know each one of the members from Triton Robotics in the past year. I understand how hard it is for an international team like us that has absolutely minimum experience and very limited financial support to qualify and attend RoboMaster. But we’ve made it to the arena eventually; we have shown the world the robots we designed, manufactured, and assembled; we have proven ourselves capable of achieving our goal by overcoming all of the challenges encountered; we represented UCSD the best way we could by showing our confidence, our sportsmanship, and our determination.

I especially thank those who personally made it to Shenzhen two weeks before the competition and spent days and nights modifying and bettering the robots with me. This means so much to me and there is no way that I could make it happen on my own. Thank you! All of you are true heroes.

We have witnessed many great things other teams has done, whether it’s their design, their playing style, their team atmosphere, etc. There is still a long road ahead for Triton Robotics, and I hope everyone can stay excited as we continue to excel and make great things happen.

RoboMaster, see you next year!

Yuansheng Zhang